Thinking about joining the construction industry in Australia? Then you have to go for White Card Melbourne by Safety Education or where you live. Without this card, you cannot work in any construction-related job be it labourer, supervisor, or even tradesperson. Getting this training is not a big hassle; all you have to do is follow these simple three steps.

Find a training center

The first step is to find a good training Institute for White Card training in Victoria. You will have to find the Training Institutes that are registered With WorkSafe VIC to deliver White Card Training. So, for your Melbourne White Card training, you will need to find the Training organization through the WorkSafe VIC website (

Undergo the training.

Once you have found the right Training Organisation and of course selected the right training course (which is also known as General Construction Induction Card with the code CPCCWHS1001). You will need to provide an ID which can be your driver’s license, Passport, and other such documents. Once you have filled up the form, and started your training, these are some of the topics you will be covering in this course:

Now this training needs to be done face-to-face. You will be taught through videos, discussions, and other study materials.

Take the test

Once you have undergone the compulsory hours of training, you will have to take a test. The test will evaluate you regarding what you have covered during the training period. Once you successfully pass this test, the Training organization will give you a statement regarding your completion of your course and submit your required documents to WorkSafe Vic for your White Card. You can also work with this statement but not for more than 2 months. Within 14 days, you should have your White Card from WorkSafe VIC.

Now that you know the steps, it is time to search for White Card training near me.