White Card

White Card Victoria

CPCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (White Card)

White Card: If you wish to do construction work in Victoria, you need a valid document or a card that allows you to do construction work there in Victoria (Australia). The White Card, also known as the Construction Induction Training, is an official certification required for anyone working in the construction industry or entering construction sites.

01 WorkSafe Victoria-accredited, Valid in all of Australia.
02 Statement of Attainment processed on the day the same day.
03 One-day face-to-face workshop.
04 Highly experienced trainers with proven experience in the construction industry.
05 Three Attempts to Pass Your Theory Assessment.

Attendance Requirement:
Please attend your course at the scheduled time. Failure to attend your course on time may result in refusal to enter.
ID Requirement:
Please bring your photo ID on the day of course. The trainer will check your photo ID at the start of your class. The photo ID should provide proof of: . Student’s full name Student’s date of birth Photo ID should also have the student’s photo
Unique Student Identifier (USI) Requirement:
A unique student identifier (USI) is a compulsory requirement for all students attending nationally recognised Training. You can create USI at www.usi.gov.au

Safety procedure while operating construction equipment
Respond to emergency situations
Identifying and reporting hazard
Control measures for hazards
Different acts and regulation
Applying basic first aid
Evacuation procedure
Proper use of PPE
High-risk work


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What is White Card, and why is it important?

Workers who want to perform construction work in Victoria must have a white card, also known as a general construction induction card. You can essentially enter a construction site and carry out activities there with a white card. Without it, taking part in construction physically is all but impossible.

People who need a white card include:
Site managers, supervisors, surveyors, laborers, and tradespeople are among those who require a white card.
They are also workers whose jobs require them to frequently enter operational construction zones when unaccompanied or not directly supervised by an inducted person.

Why do you need a white card in Victoria?

A White Card must be obtained in order to work in the construction sector. Since it informs employees of the various safety requirements and guidelines while working on-site, a White Card training course is crucial.

They receive a thorough overview of the occupational and safety risks they will encounter at work from the White Card course. More importantly, it gives them the knowledge and skills they need to respond to various emergencies and deal with casualties at work.

Why is it crucial?
1. You become more aware of the value of workplace safety
2. It aids in preparing you for unforeseen working conditions.


The possession of a valid White Card certifies that the holder has successfully completed general construction induction training with a registered organisation, is qualified to work in the construction industry, and is able to recognise, report, manage, and resolve hazards. The general safety requirements of an operational safety site are covered in a White Card training course. To ensure you meet the requirements, most workplaces prefer that you complete this training in person rather than online.

You can learn about the statutory requirements for workplace health and safety on a construction site with the help of our White Card training course.